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“I was initially looking for a Telemarketing Agency to help me grab market share as quickly as possible. The wealth of experience and advice that Paul, Karen and Vicky brought to the table significantly contributed to our success at the time”

Market Profiling

Market Profiling

B2B Market Intelligence – Powered by a Profile

In the intensely competitive B2B arena there are important questions that need answering:
  • Who is buying?
  • What are they buying?
  • When are they buying?
  • Which criteria are they using to make decisions?

Market profiling is about focus and profiling can uncover the contacts most likely to respond positively to your marketing activity. We can help you to identify the best potential opportunities and then commence nurturing relationships to uncover answers to these key questions.

Profiling enables you to identify the individuals with responsibility for buying your products or services, to understand who the incumbent suppliers are, to pinpoint when in a business cycle your customers are looking to buy, and what people will be basing their decision on when they are in buying mode. Put together, this information allows you to build highly effective and clearly targeted future marketing campaigns at exactly the right time.

Our proven contact strategy means you can build a clear picture of your market opportunities, and engage with key people at a time they are ready to talk – giving you the best possible chance to generate additional sales, and secure the best possible ROI on your marketing spend.

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