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Digital Integration

Digital Integration

B2B Telemarketing For The 21st Century

Digital integration is simply crucial for today’s smart businesses. Your prospects and customers are engaging, researching and communicating digitally and that means that sometimes you need to be doing the same.

Ensuring that your marketing activities involve some element of digital communications can be a necessary requirement in today’s business environment.

At Box Hammond we combine digital marketing with highly targeted telephone contact to create an unforgettable impression with your key prospects.

Digital activity can reveal new opportunities, build relationships with new prospects, and create an innovative impression of your business and brand. By integrating digital media with telephone and personal contacts, you broaden and enhance the array of tools at your disposal to uncover and convert new customers.

Email, video and smartphone apps are all potential channels for communicating with key decision-makers. We take the same approach to these channels that we do to all others: we tailor the campaign to your needs, focus our efforts on your sector, and ensure at all times that maximising ROI is at the very centre of the work we do.

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