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Customer Intelligence & Satisfaction

Customer Intelligence & Satisfaction

Understanding Your Customers

At Box Hammond we can help you build an objective and comprehensive picture of how you are perceived by your customers.

Understanding how your customers experience your business and services can help you to improve service and satisfaction levels. The knowledge we help develop for you can drive improved retention rates and increase cross selling opportunities.

Understanding how your service is perceived can help you to introduce programmes to minimise customer losses and our unique “Red Flag” reporting system allows potential issues to be identified and rectified before it’s too late.

The many years experience gathered by our management team in working across a wide range of sectors means we can help you quickly develop a clearer picture of your situation, and how you can contribute to improving it.

We have a wealth of expertise in providing a range of customer-centric services designed to measure customer satisfaction and employ the full range of tools including telephone, web-based and face-to-face approaches.

So contact us today on 07973 282540 to hear more about our highly effective Customer Intelligence services.