“I have worked with the Box Hammond Senior Management Team over the past few years… I was always impressed with the high levels of professionalism and the results they achieved on time and on budget”

“Their ability to understand our specific needs then translate these into effective, successful campaigns has been impressive”

Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

Qualified New Business Opportunities

Identifying the key decision-makers with whom you need to build relationships is essential. Carefully nurturing those relationships equally so.

Qualifying the prospects in your market, and understanding the opportunities they represent, are key drivers that will make your marketing a success. We are specialists in turning this knowledge into appointments and leads that can lead to long-lasting B2B relationships.

At Box Hammond, we can help you to identify short, medium and longer-term sales opportunities for your business. It’s our role to provide your sales force with an agreed volume of qualified new business appointments or leads to build and develop your sales pipeline.

Our appointing and lead generation services are about ensuring that your return on investment is maximised and your marketing spend is effective, efficient, and focused.

Our professional, knowledgeable team carry out unscripted calls which focus on identifying and converting the right sales opportunities and our experienced management team have the experience and expertise necessary in devising and running hugely effective outbound B2B telemarketing campaigns.

We record 100% of all our calls, meaning you can monitor our results and rest assured that all of our campaigns are transparent and of the highest quality. Having each call recorded also means that your sales team can be fully briefed before making contact with a new prospect.

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